Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Had Plans...

... for my birthday yesterday. Truly I did. First, I was talking a friend into taking me boating for the day. Then, I was going to have a nice dinner at another friend's house.

And then, reality hit. First, the weather didn't even remotely cooperate. The rain and occasional hail would have put a damper on a day of boating on the lake. Besides, I got a phone call last week from a lawyer colleague, and suddenly my birthday (and the day before it) was dedicated to sitting in on some depositions. Which I was glad to do. Just, not the timing I expected. Then, yesterday evening, there was a gathering that I felt I should attend, related to this movie networking thing I'm all involved in right now... Nice, interesting people, to be sure - over here in Spokane rather than Idaho - a great way to spend an evening. I just hadn't expected it to be my birthday, is all.

My lawyer friend did buy me lunch. And a slice of strawberry cheesecake for dessert. So the day had a moment of celebration. I didn't need too much more than that.

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