Friday, April 24, 2009

Final Update - Statute of Limitations Bill

In a somewhat delayed update, last week we got some homegrown publicity on the passage of SB 5832, the Washington state bill extending the statute of limitations on many child sex abuse crimes until the victim's 28th birthday. Rich Roesler, the Spokesman Review's state legislation guy, posted an item on his blog here. Then DFO (Dave Oliviera) at HBO (Huckleberries) posted an item on Rich's posting here. (full disclosure: after I emailed him and said, hey Dave, did you see this?) Then Rich ended up writing an article for the newspaper here.

Here's my perusing these past few days.... A blog can make a difference. I'm sort of amazed. I am the kind of person that has opinions. Through this blog (and through other blogs where I post comments), I now have new avenues to express those opinions. This, I understood. What gives me pause is how having an avenue for expressing my thoughts and opinions may have actually have impact - in getting this bill passed, for example - and at least gives people a chance to expand perceptions - especially if I do my job right and create proper links (and express my thoughts and opinions responsibly).

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