Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While I Was Gone.... (Update/Statute of Limitations Bill)

My friend Don Brockett tells me that the statute of limitations bill - Senate Bill 5832, intended to extend statute of limitations on many child sex abuse crimes until the victim's 28th birthday - has continued to progress. It did get passed out of the House committee (the subject of the last update), and now is needing a recommendation from a House Rules Committee member to pull it for a House floor vote.

You can help by emailing the members of the Rules Committee in charge of making that recommenation: Chair, Rep. Frank Chopp, chopp.frank@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Richard DeBolt, debolt.richard@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Mike Armstrong, armstrong.mike@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Barbara Bailey, bailey.barbara@leg.wa.gov;Rep. Deborah Eddy, eddy.deborah@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Mark Ericks, ericks.mark@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Tami Green, green.tami@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Bob Hasegawa, hasegawa.bob@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Bill Hinkle, hinkle.bill@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Norm Johnson, johnson.norm@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Troy Kelley, kelley.troy@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Lynn Kessler, kessler.lynn@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Joel Kretz, kretz.joel@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Dan Kristiansen, kristiansen.dan@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Marko Liias, liias.marko@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Jim Moeller, moeller.jim@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Dawn Morrell, morrell.dawn@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Jeff Morris, morris.jeff@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Joe Schmick, schmick.joe@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, santos.sharontomiko@leg.wa.gov; Rep. Larry Springer, springer.larry@leg.wa.gov; and Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, vandewege.kevin@leg.wa.gov.

Here is a sample letter. Or check out my previous explanation of why we need this law.

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