Thursday, February 5, 2009

Too Cute!

There's a new book out: "Thanks, and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids' Letters to President Obama." ($12, McSweeney's Books). A writing teacher got the idea to have students write letters to Obama. It took off and turned into a book. Proceeds go to fund tutoring centers around the country. Here's an article.

Some excerpts:

Dear President Obama:

You are awesome!!! Some things you should do are: 1. Stop the use of oil in cars. 2. Clean up the ocean. 3. Help animals that are endangered. 4. Help immigrants get better jobs. 5. Give money to schools. 6. Fire the governor of California.

Love, Hilda Herrera, age 12, San Francisco

and another:

Dear Mr. Obama,

Hey, I'm Sheenie, I'm kinda a poet. I really hope you put America back together. No pressure though.

Sheenie Shannon Yip, age 13, Seattle

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